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Meet the delightful family who recently selected our stunning sunflower field location for their family photo session.

Skylar, who attends preschool, is four years old, while Harper, who attends third grade, is eight years old. Damian, the father, is a successful business owner specializing in bathroom shower remodels, while Jessica, the mother, is an entrepreneur with a passion for mobile bartending.

As a family residing in Tempe, AZ, they cherish spending time outdoors and especially love lush greenery. They frequently engage in church activities, spend time with extended family, and even raise chickens in their yard while also taking care of yard work. Hank, their eight-year-old chocolate lab, also joined the family for their family photo session. Keep reading to learn more about this lovely family!

Skylar and Harper

Jessica, a native of Arizona, has always called this sunny state her home. On the other hand, Damian migrated from Alaska to Arizona in his 20s, leaving behind the Alaskan wilderness to pursue his passion for motorcycle mechanics. Originally hailing from California, his adventurous spirit has taken root in the breathtaking landscapes of both Alaska and Arizona.

In this family, Jessica’s love for cooking has blossomed into an all-consuming passion. What began as a way to unwind quickly transformed into an artistic expression of flavors and creativity. Meanwhile, Damian finds solace in the great outdoors, reveling in activities such as hunting.

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The charming Skylar, their youngest member, has discovered a love for soccer, dedicatedly chasing after the ball with joyous enthusiasm. Harper, on the other hand, fearlessly embraces the spotlight, unafraid to let her vibrant personality shine. Basketball and t-ball are just two of the many activities she wholeheartedly embraces. As natural water-lovers, both Skylar and Harper turn into little fish when it comes to swimming – a refreshing escape during the scorching Arizona heat.

In addition to their vibrant lives and passions, this incredible family also takes time to give back to their community. Volunteering at Sun Valley, their beloved church, holds a special place in their hearts. It allows them to come together as a family, lending a helping hand and spreading kindness.

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As the holiday season approaches, a cherished tradition brings immense joy to this family. Jessica ingeniously covers the hallway with festive wrapping paper and eagerly watches as her daughters excitedly run through, discovering the surprise that awaits them. When it comes to family vacations, their hearts long for the serene beauty of pine trees. These trips provide an opportunity for the entire family to immerse themselves in the fresh scent and tranquil weather of these enchanting locations.

This family holds one important belief close to their hearts: the fleeting nature of time and the preciousness of making memories with their children. They recognize that childhood passes by in the blink of an eye, and that’s why they strive to make the most of every moment. Whether it’s engaging in activities they love or embracing their children’s passions, they prioritize quality time and cherishing these special years.

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Jessica mentioned that Wendy’s kindness shone through from the moment they met, greeting them with a radiant smile that instantly put them at ease. As a mother with two little ones and a furry family member, Jessica acknowledged the challenges that can arise during a photoshoot. However, Wendy’s patience and ability to create a comfortable environment ensured that both the kids and their beloved dog felt relaxed and open to the experience.

“She was super kind, welcomed us with a smile and took some of the best family photos we have ever taken. The spot in the sunflowers was such a good pick. My girls are little so it can be challenging to get them to be patient and listen and then add a dog into the mix, but she made us feel so comfortable and came up with some really great ideas for poses.”

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We express our gratitude to Jessica for sharing her wonderful insight into the magical photoshoot experience with Wendy Nolte. The joy and love that radiate from this family embody the true essence of treasuring meaningful moments, beautifully captured by a skilled photographer like Wendy.

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