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As a high school senior portrait photographer in Phoenix, my passion is to build self confidence, capture and show love, and make friendships through photography. I've done all kinds of photography, but high school seniors have my heart! I also love to catch loving moments, hugs and giggles between amazing families and yes I am a hopeless romantic… a true love story on their special wedding day makes my heart full! My biggest thing is I want to make everybody feel like a somebody! A somebody that is worthy, smart, fun, unique, beautiful, empowered, confident, whatever YOU are or maybe what you don't know that you are! 

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When I get a tear, a smile or a big hug after a session or a photo reveal I know that I have done my job! I want my kids to be proud of who I am and show them that no matter where you come from (the projects in Taunton MA) you can always do better, be better and try harder, if you love it do not give up! 

A 1600 SF space that is a work in progress. I get bored and paint a wall and try to keep things fresh and fun! I use the studio to do fun and out of the box photoshoots, whether it’s a mommy and me session on our flower wall or a beautiful boudoir session on the bed set, it’s a great space to be and it has AC! 

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“Thank you! Emily is enjoying this experience, this is great for her self esteem, she is having a blast! I’m so glad she gets to be a part of such an amazing journey!!”

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When you work with my studio you have an opportunity to be featured in SEEN magazine!

Be like my winner Alexa from Verrado High School, who was in the Top 12 for the SEEN model competition! Check her out in this video and featured in two issues of the SEEN magazine!

See the magazine feature HERE

sarah & mark

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diane & peter

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All of my high school seniors get to choose the experience that best fits their needs. We can have an in person consultation and discuss everything or we can do it all via email or phone. Whatever is easiest for you! We will pick a location that you love for your senior photos! Need help styling your session? Then come into the studio with your bags and we will put together your outfits, I love fashion! Choose an experience that has professional hair and makeup or add it onto your session I will get it all set up for you! THEN… Get ready to have a blast! Approx two to three weeks after your session you will come in for your photo reveal session and this is when you pick your products and place your order! 

- cyndii

“To see the essence of one’s personality through Wendy’s eyes is a beautiful thing! Wendy is incredibly talented and is truly the Best Phoenix photographer around” 

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