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What To Wear to a Family Photoshoot

Hey Arizona families! When is the last time you had your family photos taken? Have you been avoiding booking a shoot because you don’t have the time or energy to choose everyone’s outfits? Although it sounds like it could be stressful, here at Wendy Nolte Photography we make every step of booking and preparing your photo shoot a breeze!

I love to shoot family portraits and have many years of experience working with families both big and small. Regardless of the size of your gathering, I know exactly how to help coordinate everyone’s outfits so that you not only feel great as an individual but look great together!

We are so lucky to have a wide array of backgrounds to choose from here in the Phoenix valley. We have beautiful desert landscapes, a bustling downtown cityscape, sunflower fields, and some really cute outdoor locally owned shops, all of which make the perfect choice for your very own family photos. There are three key ideas to keep in mind when shopping for your family photo outfits.

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Location matters – We will choose your family photoshoot session at least a few weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. I am happy to send pictures of the location if you are not familiar, that way you can get a feel for your surroundings ahead of time. You will want to choose pieces that also complement your environment. For example, with my Arizona desert shoots, I suggest looking for warm tones like browns, olive greens, and even a nice golden yellow or mustard color. Navy and darker reds also work well with the sandy background! Make sure to think of what kind of photos you want to take.


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Keep it simple – When in doubt, always go with neutrals. A pop of color is always welcome, as long as it coordinates with one of your other family members’ outfits. You want to complement each other and look like a cohesive group that belongs together. You are a family after all! As for accessories, less is always best. You want to be able to reflect on these family photos for decades to come and have them remain classic pieces of art in your home. Classic silhouettes, simple jewelry, and minimalistic prints always look great on camera! You want to focus to be on you and your family, not necessarily on your outfits.


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How you feel in your clothes will show up on camera – It’s important to feel comfortable and like your everyday self in these family photos. The camera picks up on our emotions, even if we think we’re doing a good job of hiding them! I want you to be excited, and relaxed, and enjoy your time in front of my lens. Choosing an outfit that is not only physically comfortable (sometimes we do a bit of walking, so always bring a second pair of shoes if you plan to wear heels!), but also in tune with your everyday style is definitely a must.

Don’t know where to start? I can help every step of the way! – If you don’t even know where to begin shopping for your family’s outfits, I’m here for you! I have years of experience coordinating colors, textures, and styles to make each of you look your best, and have it look great with the location we decide on. As a family photographer for many years, I have created helpful tools and resources to make your experience stress-free. I have Pinterest boards you can look at for inspiration, you can browse my Instagram for more ideas and examples, or I can even guide you in shopping for the looks. I will make sure everyone looks great for the family photoshoot!


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I want you to look at the photos and remember this time in your life and the way you felt being surrounded by your loved ones. The best part? I get to capture all those special and intimate moments between you and make them everlasting. My goal is to create an enjoyable, memorable experience!


Are you as excited as I am about family photos? Let’s book your session!