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Family Photo Session AZ

A glimpse in time…


Photography is art, frozen in time. Photos are able to bring up emotions and feelings in an instant. A priceless yet tangible gift. A pause button on life’s most important moments. Here’s some advice from a photographer: always take the photo!

Senior Squad Sessions

2021 was a great year for me! I can truly say I loved every shoot that I did. I met some amazing families, saw some old friends, and did some creative sessions with my Senior Squad to name a few. I always love the Senior Squad sessions because they are all about THEM! We choose a fun location, their own unique outfits to show off their individual style…they just make me happy!

Senior Photo Phoenix AZ
Senior Picture Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Senior Photo

One of my favorite shoots was done at the dunes (seen above). I had never been and didn’t know what to expect. I rented a cool parachute skirt which matched her dress perfectly. I don’t normally shoot in direct sunlight, so it was a bit challenging but overall, it was just a blast.


Last year brought the opportunity to do some creative branding sessions, business headshots, and business photos for some beautiful people. I even met amazing people that I probably would have never crossed paths with through a Plastic Surgeon’s office. It was a great time; the staff were so outgoing, and it made for one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done. I’m so glad I was chosen to do their staff photos.


I feel blessed and am so happy to still be doing what I love. For the year of 2022, my goals are to do more of what I love (with your continued support of course!), to acknowledge my amazing clients and friends more so they know they are loved, to do more creative sessions to fuel that fire, and to not get burnt out/spend more time with my family and loving on them!


If you did a shoot with me in 2021, I would LOVE to hear about your experience with me. You can leave a short review here.


I am look forward to another year of capturing memories with photography. Will you be joining me in making your special moments everlasting?