Senior Squad Wendy Nolte PhotographySenior year is a very exciting time. It’s the last time you’ll get to experience all of the amazing things that come along with your final year of high school. Your last games, last dance, last yearbook photo, and so much more. You’ve grown a lot over the past couple of years, and soon you’ll be off doing big things after you graduate! How exciting!


Why join the Senior Squad?


It’s important to remember to truly enjoy each of these special moments during your senior year, but what’s as equally important is capturing them in photos! Let’s create beautiful lasting memories.


Last year, we did a handful of fun-themed shoots, including the ’50s and 80s series. Check out some of the looks below:

Arizona Themed PhotoshootSenior Squad Wendy Nolte AZHigh School Picture in AZ

Even though I’m bursting with excitement over the ideas for this year’s shoots, being part of the Senior Squad is so much more than just taking photos. We will do a charity event of some kind, we will hang out and chat, and we will build a connection throughout the year that helps me get to know your personality and allows me to better capture that on camera. My hope is that with you being in front of my camera your confidence will be built up and you will see the beauty that everyone else sees! This is not just about photos but about YOU and your senior year so let’s make it great and do all the things!
By joining my Senior Squad team, you’ll get so many opportunities to do just that! Show off who YOU are, your style, your interests, and your goals. I customize each session specifically for you. No two seniors are alike, and I believe your photos should be as unique as you are.


What’s it like working with me?


My specialty (as you may have guessed by now) is High School Senior photography! I love working with seniors. They have such high energy, and it’s a pivotal moment in their life that I am honored to photograph. I remember my high school years all too well…The insecurities I felt were the worry that not everyone liked me. How I cared about others and it wasn’t always reciprocated. I was even bullied for a time or two!


Now in my business, I get to work with some really amazing students. I get to show them that they are worthy and valued. Even if it’s not spoken, when they see the photos, they know that it is so.


If l had to describe me l would say l am super relaxed and try to make everyone feel comfortable, genuine, and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photography. I don’t have any good jokes but love to get giggles in every session! My photography style is fun, unique, authentic, and colorful.



I truly want to be someone that makes everybody feel like somebody!




School is starting soon, and I only have a limited number of spots on my squad every year. I typically fill up by the end of August and we start shooting in September or early October.


With only a few spots left, now is your chance to join!


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Find out more information by contacting me here. Can’t wait to chat!