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Are you ready to take your professional presence to the next level? We offer modern, executive business, corporate, and acting headshots as well as lifestyle photos for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Current headshots can be used for more than just professional purposes. They are an opportunity to put your best self out into the world to attract the right people and help you succeed in your endeavors.

Our headshots are crisp, clean, and authentic to you! We capture you at your very best. Choosing a highly rated professional photographer such as Wendy Nolte will allow you to properly showcase the quality and integrity of both yourself and your business or services.

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Professional AZ Business Headshots

One of the most important aspects of your headshot session is what you wear. You’ll want to wear something that is timeless, professional, represents who you are, and tells people what is it that you do. So how does one go about selecting the perfect outfit(s)? We have 4 helpful tips on how to prepare for your professional headshot session.

  1. Keep it classic. Wearing solid instead of patterned clothing will help avoid aging your photos. Try to avoid the current fashion trends and opt for more tried and truer silhouettes. Classic blazers, suits, long sleeve button-ups, A-line or wrap dresses, and blouses with pencil skirts or trousers are all easy go-to options that stand the test of time. You can also bring in your work uniform for job-specific photos. Be sure to keep these rules in mind for your hair and makeup as well. A well-groomed, hygienic, and simple aesthetic will allow you to get more use out of this investment. If you are still struggling with what to wear, I am happy to help style you and send you Pinterest boards to keep your experience stress-free.
  1. Stick to what works. Neutral colors are always a great option as they tend to send a more serious and authoritative message. Black, greys, navy, light blue, white, and tan are all great options for a more traditional style. If you are in a creative field, adding a pop of color here or there would be a fun way to add some life to your portraits. This can be done subtly with an accessory like a belt or piece of jewelry, or even a pair of socks or shoes.
  1. Don’t be afraid to bring props! To best convey who you are and what it is that you do, I recommend that you bring 1 or 2 props such as a cell phone, laptop, book, or something specific to your line of work are simple ways to represent you and your brand. 
  1. Choosing the right background or location for your shoot. Headshots and professional lifestyle-type photos don’t necessarily have to be taken in a studio with a plain colored backdrop. Nowadays, business professionals are trying to stand out amongst the crowd and have unique and creative headshots that have a personal touch to them. Therefore, when you book your session with me, we set up a time to chat over the phone so I can get to know you and learn more about your vision. Each shoot I do is customized to each client, down to the poses and location to make sure your vision is brought to life.
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Wendy Nolte Photography also offers product branding photos for your business! I am passionate about product photography and making it as easy as possible for you as I love to help collaborate on ideas with my clients to best show off their brand.

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Take this session below for example. We used my clients’ cards and some simple, everyday items that brought out the colors already being used in her products. She wanted the photos to be colorful and cheerful to convey that using her products would make for more fun and enjoyable collaborative experience. Adding additional items that further support the message of your brand helps potential buyers see the realistic use of your products. I can work with you on ideas of what else you can bring

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Wendy Nolte Photography offers professional headshots and lifestyle photos locally in Phoenix, Buckeye, and the surrounding areas. Whether you are an individual looking to update your business and social media platforms or need current photos for your whole staff, we can do it all!


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