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You just got engaged; congrats! What an exciting time in your life where you will be starting an amazing new journey together. As you start to plan for your big day, engagement photos are a huge milestone that you will want to prepare for. Being a Phoenix Valley engagement photographer for many years, I have curated a simple guide with 8 easy steps for my clients to follow along to ensure a fun, stress-free, and memorable experience.

How to Prepare for Engagement Photos

1. Plan ahead. You’ve probably booked this session months, or at least weeks in advance. As soon as its scheduled, start following along this guide. It’s important to not wait until the last minute to finalize all your details. I want you and your partner to enjoy this special occasion and look forward to it instead of stressing about it!

2. Next, you’ll want to start purchasing and putting together your outfits. By now, we will have most likely picked out a location for your engagement photos. With the background decided on, use that to help choose appropriate colors to compliment your surroundings, while also helping you two stand out. Desert locations pair great with warm earthy tones. Classic black, white, or even soft pinks and blues look timeless in stone or rock spots. Locations with lots of greenery can be very versatile in colors. For fall, jewel tones are always a classic and fail-proof choice as they look great on everyone! Spring engagements tend to lean towards pastels and whites. For your session, it’s always a good idea to bring a few outfits. You’ll never know how you’ll feel come the day of, or what the weather will permit! The main thing to think about is coordinating, not matching your outfits. Pick up colors in each other outfits that complement each other. colors. Choose 1-2 main colors in total that make up the bases of your outfits, with the rest of outfit such as accessories and shoes being in complimentary colors. Solids and classic textures are always best, but a subtle print in an accessory could work as well! I can always provide some additional ideas via Pinterest if you’re still struggling with this part.

3. Bring a change of shoes. Comfortable walking shoes are a great idea depending on the location we have decided on. You can always change into a nicer pair right before we start for comfort and to keep them nice and clean for photos!

4. Are you shooting in the fall or winter? Bring a coat! You can wear it just for warmth, or as your outfit for part of your session. Layers also look great in photos, so don’t be afraid to bring a few different pieces. We can always take layers off throughout the session to have more variety in your photos!

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5. Get professional hair and makeup services. My sessions typically already include professional hair and makeup, but it’s always a good idea to bring a personal little kit for touch ups just in case! Powder, lipstick, a hairbrush, and some hairspray can be great to have on hand, especially during the warmer months or on those windy days!

6. Get a fresh manicure. Not only is it a little self-care treatment, but your hands will also be center of attention during the shoot! We want you to show the ring off in style. A neutral color is best so that it can go with any of the outfits you choose.

7. Bring the ring. This is one of the most important parts of the session, aside from yourselves of course! Make sure it is cleaned prior to your appointment. I would also recommend bringing a nice ring box too as a prop.

8. A great attitude. Last but certainly not least, today is all about the two of you. A celebration of love and joy! I want to capture that authentic chemistry and interaction on camera.

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By following this easy, 8 step guide, I hope it can help the two of you can focus on what is truly most important during your engagement session. Remember, I am here to help you every step of the way! Always feel free to reach out via email with any questions or concerns.

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