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We’re thrilled to introduce our featured family of the month! This wonderful family radiates love and support for each other, and we’re excited to share their story with you. They are known for their close bond and their love for spending time together. One of their most cherished family traditions is group hugs at night. This simple act of love and togetherness has become a staple in their family dynamic and has helped them stay connected over the years.

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Community Favorites

But it’s not just their family traditions that make the Simmons family special. They also have a love for their local community, especially when it comes to food. Three of their favorite local spots include Sushi Love in Goodyear, Buck and Rider, and Steak 44. Sushi Love is a family-owned sushi restaurant that has been a staple in Goodyear for years. They appreciate the care and attention that goes into each dish, and it’s evident in every bite. Buck and Rider is another local favorite of the Simmons family. This seafood spot in Phoenix is known for its fresh oysters and seafood towers. Steak 44 is the Simmons family’s top pick for a steakhouse. The restaurant is located in the heart of Phoenix and is known for its high-quality steaks and elegant atmosphere. The Simmons family loves visiting Steak 44 for a night out, and it’s become a special spot for family milestones and celebrations.

For the Simmons family, their love for their local community and family traditions go hand in hand. They value the time spent together and the memories made at their favorite local spots. Whether it’s a simple group hug at night or a fancy dinner out, the Simmons family knows the importance of cherishing the moments they have together. In a world where it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, the Simmons family serves as a reminder to slow down and appreciate the moments that matter most. Their love for their community and each other is inspiring.

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The Simmons Family

Even though there are three very different kids, they have one thing in common, their love of the outdoors and being active! Kaleb (13) enjoys playing football for the Outcast club team and hanging out with friends. Bradley (10), 4th grade, He enjoys playing video games and is recently starting to get into swimming and archery. Beau (3) attends Montessori in the Parks school where he loves to jump on the trampoline, catching bugs and riding his police car.

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House of Pets

They love animals! This home is full of animals. Three goats-Sheldon, Cornwallis, and Josiah. Four dogs-Chase, Brutus, Oliver and Theo. Four cats- Matteo, Lion-O, Tigra, and Mickey Mouse. Two guinea pigs, six chickens and two bearded dragons. This family really knows how to have fun!

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Why they love Wendy Nolte Photography

As a professional photographer, “Wendy always strives to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible for her clients.” Wendy’s ability to put her clients at ease during the shoot is a testament to her experience and expertise in the field. When families feel comfortable and relaxed, the resulting photos are always more natural and authentic. It’s clear that families appreciate Wendy’s the extra effort she puts in to make their photo session a success. “Wendy makes the process so easy and effortless for the client. It does not feel awkward or uncomfortable because she makes you feel at ease during the whole shoot. She is so good with the little ones, too!”

At Wendy Nolte Photography, we share our passion for capturing life’s precious moments and turning them into treasured memories. Wendy Nolte is a skilled photographer who specializes in family portraits, maternity, newborn, and children’s photography. With her artistic eye and gentle approach, Wendy creates stunning images that truly capture the essence of your family.