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7 Reasons Why You Need to Take Senior Photos

Lavi Becker 2022

High school is usually considered to be some of the most memorable and important years of life. I would have to agree! As an Arizona high school senior photographer, I have kids from all over the state come to me to celebrate and record this major event. Senior year is a time to both enjoy the hard work you’ve put in and look toward your bright future of the many great opportunities to come!

Here are 7 reasons why you need to take senior photos:

Senior Squad 20211. Make your last year as memorable as possible.

Time goes by so fast, and before you know it senior year will be over! Senior photos give you an opportunity to take a moment and enjoy this special period in your life. We often have clients that do multiple photo shoots throughout the year!

2. Do it for your family!

Regardless if you’re an only child, your family will cherish the time they have left with you before moving out or heading off to college. These photos will be a special gift that they can look back on for a lifetime to come. Your family is proud of your accomplishments and would love to show you off! After you select your favorite photos from your senior session, we have a wide variety of products to choose from that would all make excellent gifts! Bonus: You can also use the photos on invites to your graduation party.

Haley Massey 2021

3. They are perfect for college applications and scholarships.

Having professional photos of yourself is never a bad idea. They can be used for so many things, such as college and scholarship applications and on resumes. Some companies now look at your social media profiles when looking for potential applicants, so these would be great to use for your profile photo on your accounts, and especially your LinkedIn page. Making a great first impression will help land you those amazing opportunities!

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4. Show off your accomplishments.

You probably have a lot to be proud of after these last four years. Maybe you perfected a skill, landed a big role within a club, or snagged a great job even before graduation. When I take senior photos, I always encourage my clients to bring props or accessories that show off who they are and help tell their unique stories. It’s important to recognize and celebrate your hard work!

Nathalie Galindo 2021

5. When’s the next time you’d have a reason to take photos?

I say take the opportunity now! When is the next time you’ll have a significant life event you’ll want to record? Most people might not take professional photos again for another 4 years at their college graduation. For those of you that are not going to college, this would be the perfect time to have your photos taken before embarking on your career or other life endeavors. You don’t want to regret not capturing this moment in your life!

6. Capture and celebrate your personality.

My senior sessions are a lot of FUN. Why not take some time to celebrate yourself and show off your personality? Each session is catered to you, and your personality, and will be as unique as you are. Whether your style is bolder and colorful, classic and timeless, or laidback and casual, I have a location, outfit ideas, and posing to help convey your story and help you look your best!

Senior Squad 2021

7. Reward yourself.

What better excuse than to treat yourself?! Why not go all out with your dream photoshoot, buy a new outfit, get professional hair and makeup, the whole works! Now is the perfect time to do something special for yourself, and a senior session is a great opportunity to do so. Plus, you’ll have these photos for the rest of your life, which means it’s absolutely worthy of investing in.

The experience and the feeling you will get from doing a shoot with me are unlike anything you’ve done before. I offer a variety of senior portrait options to fit every style and budget. Let’s make your senior year memorable! Book your session here.