Find the BEST high school senior portrait photographer in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Goodyear.

These days we are faced with what seems like millions of choices in professional photographers. I feel your pain! I have put together a little list of tips to help you find the best Phoenix senior portrait photographer and best high school senior portrait photographer in Scottsdale and Goodyear for you!

As a professional portrait photographer in Phoenix and Scottsdale who dually specializes in high school senior portraits in Phoenix and Scottsdale, I strive to create a fun and modern experience and atmosphere with all of my clients. Each photographer's approach to the photography experience may be completely unique from one Phoenix or Scottsdale photographer to the next.

So, how do you find the right one? Just follow my steps and, together, we will help you find the best Phoenix and Scottsdale senior portrait photographer for you!

1. Style
All photographers are not created equal. Now that we understand THAT, it may be much easier to compare and contrast. Each photographer is gifted with a completely unique stylistic approach to how they view and interpret the world. Phoenix high school senior portrait photographers may pose you in a completely unique way. In addition, not all photographers process their images the same way.

As you're looking through online galleries and portfolios, please pay attention to the stylistic approach of each senior portrait photographer. After all, you can't change the style of your photographer but you can choose the style you love.

If you're unsure of a professional Phoenix photographer's stylistic approach, don't hesitate to ask for a more complete portfolio of recent work. Often times, this can be found on a photographer's blog or by setting up an in person meeting where said photographer can present finished pieces of artwork for you to view.

2. Personality
Much like style, each Phoenix or Scottsdale senior photographer's personality is completely unique from one person to the next. Often times, you can get a general feel of personality from the tone of their website. I would also suggest setting up an in person meeting so that you can get a solid understanding of your photographer's personality.

During your photography experience, your professional photographer will be required to be in very close contact with you and potentially your friends and family as well, depending who you bring along for the ride. Selecting a photographer whose personality you love and enjoy being around may very well be a major factor in determining the enjoyment of your senior portrait photography experience.

Choosing a Phoenix high school senior portrait specialist with a fun and outgoing personality will become one of the key elements in ensuring that your high school senior has a blast during their portrait session. There is nothing worse than working with a photographer whose personality is dry and boring.

3. Budget
Of course, it ultimately comes down to a particular price point that you may be willing to invest in for your professional photography. Whether you're looking for a Phoenix high school senior portrait photographer, or a Scottsdale high school portrait photographer, I recommend finding a photographer whose style you identify with and can visualize displayed in your home as well as whose personality you absolutely adore! If there is one thing out of these three that is flexible it will always be price point. It's virtually impossible to change someone's personality as well as their stylistic approach. Find the photographer you love and figure out how to make it fit within your budget.

If you would like to explore other ideas and options or just talk about specifics, don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to help you with all of your photography needs.